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About You

As a group of people we couldn’t be more diverse! And that’s what makes us so interesting, with so much potential for achieving and having a great time along the way.

From parents with a new baby just starting out on the path ahead, to teens who have weathered a few storms, to self-confident adults who have come out the other side brimming with enthusiasm and in turn inspiring our young ones.

‘Face it’ sums up the can-do attitude of all our members and with easy access to as much information and support as we can give you, you’ll be well on your way to confidently facing those challenges ahead.

Just for you

We all are at different stages, and we want to be relevant to what is happening for you. So click below for your own ‘Face it’ page

Baby & Family

Face it with our support all the way giving you the confidence, mentoring and information you need to support your baby from antenatal to adult. Read more.

Kids Only

Face it you’re a star and you can shine even brighter with the fun and pics on your very own page! Read more.


Face it with someone your own age who knows about the hurdles and experiences, good & bad, of being a teen to twenty year old. Check out our  TeensPlus FaceBook page too! Read more.


Face it , you’ll never stop achieving your potential and creating the inspiration others look to in their own lives. Read more.

Professional Service Providers

Together we can make a difference in many areas of cleft lip and or palate treatment and care. Read more.