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Medical Facts

Retired Cleft Plastic Surgeon, John de Geus says that in the last 30 years the changes in surgical techniques and the improvements in the results of surgery, both aesthetically and functionally, have been amazing. He notes that they will continue to improve along with other related treatments to find newer and more effective ways to treat cleft lip and/or palate.

We have put together the latest medical, orthodontic, speech and hearing techniques that we understand are available to our members right now- but we are always mindful of new advancements and will make sure everyone is kept up-dated via our Whats New page.

We can’t emphasis enough that the most successful medical and psychological outcomes have been achieved when families commit to 100% involvement with the specialised professionals. You are the most crucial part of the team. You know your child best and provide all the loving care to grow healthy fantastic adults. To do this confidently you and your family need to gain as much knowledge and information as possible.