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We want to give you the chance to share your experiences and ask your own questions with your own group of friends who understand what you’re going through. This is a Kid’s Only page and your answer can be sent back to you in confidence, or posted here. Just go to the bottom of this page and your question or comment will go through to the kids in charge. 

Here’s what Kenny Ardouin has to say

“Kids with a Cleft can be just as intelligent, attractive and social as kids without a cleft. At the end of the day it is the internal characteristics of the individual that determine how well liked we are – our personality. Anyone who judges us on how we look is an extremely shallow person. It pays to be around positive, supportive, optimistic people and to be positive, optimistic and supportive yourself.

Which is why I will be answering your questions and helping out with advice where I can. I will also make sure all the great stuff you want to share with other kids gets posted on this page… so go ahead, ask your questions below!”

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    I don’t like my teeth, so I don’t smile. Then people think I’m grumpy? What do you do?

    Lots of kids have crazy teeth. Smiling helps so much in showing people you are happy and approachable. So the pluses of smiling outweighs any self consciousness!

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    How long do you stay asleep for after the bone graft operation?

    That's a good question! Everyone reacts differently to anaesthetic. Some people wake up quickly and others feel sleepy for quite a while. It can take your body a bit of time to fully wake up. If you want to make sure someone you know - like your mum or dad is there when you wake up, tell the nurse. So even if you are a quick waker uper you can have someone in recovery as soon as the nurses check you are safe. Phew that's good to know!