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Regular Giving

Every donation to Cleft New Zealand is very gratefully received and goes a long way to helping us with our projects.

However, you can make your gift to us even more effective through regular giving as we know what money is coming in, and can plan accordingly. Cleft New Zealand welcomes regular automatic payments and can target them to a fund of your choice. And since every donation is tax deductible, the net cost to you is even less, which really makes your money go further. You can give at any level that feels comfortable for you, but see below for a handy table that gives you a few suggestions.

Monthly Gift Net cost to you after tax rebate Annual Gift Net cost to you after tax rebate Value over 3 years If 100 people gave the same amount
$33.33 $22.22 $100.00 $10,000
$83.33 $55.55 $250.00 $25,000
$13.89 $9.26 $166.67 $110.10 $500.00 $50,000
$27.78 $18.52 $333.33 $222.20 $1,000.00 $100,000
$41.67 $27.78 $500.00 $333.30 $1,500.00 $150,000
$55.56 $37.04 $666.67 $444.40 $2,000.00 $200,000
$83.33 $55.55 $1000.00 $666.67 $3,000.00 $300,000

You can make automatic payments through internet banking, or credit/debit card. If you’d prefer to make a one off gift, or look at other options, you can do so here.

To enquire about making a regular gift, please complete the form below and one of our team will get in touch with you shortly. All regular payments are receipted. Filling out the form below does not commit you to sign up, and even once signed up, you may cancel or alter your regular gift at any time should your circumstances change.

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