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Ongoing Treatment Options

Bone Grafts

This is for children with a cleft which goes through their gum area. Timing is about 6 months after the adult bottom eye teeth (canine teeth) erupt. This can happen anytime between 9 years and 12 years of age.

Fistula repair

Sometimes a small hole or fistula will remain in the palate after repair – generally these are repaired if  the fistula is affecting their development. Often this procedure is left until the bone graft operation, where they are done together.


This proceudre strengthens the soft palate for clearer speech.

Cosmetic Surgery

This is often continued and refined for the areas of the nose and lip.

Jaw realignment

This is most successful when your child has completely grown. About 40-50% of children with cleft lip and palate require this procedure.

For more information on all these treatments go to Medical Facts.

Further treatments

As your child grows and the possibility of further treatments becomes an option, they need to become more involved in information sharing and decision making. As they get older they will have a more sophisticated understanding of what they want for their appearance and what is possible. Grow with your child, ask for advice on how you feel about your changing role. The hospital calls this transition and they can support you through it, as can other families.