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Been there, done that….

Chances are you have a great network of friends by now, but it’s always better to talk to someone your own age, who’s been through what you have. And is probably still going through it!

To make contacting other teens your age easier, we’ve set up a which means you have the whole of New Zealand, at any time, to chat to.

A positive experience

Most teens and young adults at secondary school or university have had only positive experiences with peer groups. People who really know who you are on the inside are accepting and don’t even see your difference.  Often no one but ourselves notice our differences. But there are times when we do feel our difference and sometimes it can be hard.

Share your thoughts

For those who have had to face some difficult situations, there’s nothing like sharing the way you handled them to help others do the same. We have some professional advice of course, but it’s the day to day stuff that is really practical and valuable.

If you do have some advice or thoughts to share click onto our TeensPlus Facebook page.

Other support is here too

Cleft New Zealand has been set up to support and provide as much information as possible to everyone at any age, from emotional and psychological, to surgical procedures and options. Talk to your parents first, or check out how you can talk to us.

  • PHONE 0800 4 CLEFT ()
  • For a private personalised response to your question or request ask us your question
  • TXT the word cleft and your name to 234 and we will give you a call back

Here’s what you can find on TeensPlus…

Become a Buddy

What do you think about supporting a younger person, someone who was born with a cleft like you and would really like to have an older, wiser buddy who has been there and done that? Let us know if this is a good idea and whether you would like to become a Buddy yourself!


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