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After the Birth

Now you get to hold that little bundle and probably the realisation hits that the responsibility for your baby’s happiness and welfare is firmly in your hands!

However, with all the answers and a clear direction of what’s ahead you will feel far more confident and able to cope- which is why we suggest you talk to some of our parents as soon as possible for reassurance and advice, and of course it’s likely you will be in contact with your Cleft Unit for the practical aspects of day to day care and feeding.

Our BLUE BOOK also has sections on breastfeeding, special bottles, reflux, formulas, etc . Because there will be so many professionals meeting with you and your baby, we suggest using the Blue book to record what they tell you, just like a Plunket book, then you will remember who they are and what they said.

Just like all new parents, the prospect of raising a child is scary at the best of times but knowledge and the experience of others goes a long way to dispelling those fears.

And remember, all new parents have issues with feeding, sleeping, tummy troubles – but the one thing that works for all is lots and lots of TLC for baby and mum!

If in doubt never hesitate to ask questions. That’s what everyone is there for – professionals, family and friends, and Cleft NZ. Find more support.