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You are not alone….

If you are parents of a gorgeous new baby – congratulations – first and foremost this is a little being who will thrive on the love and care of their parents as do all new babies. The only difference is your new baby will have some special needs and you as parents are the absolute first choice to take care of those needs.

In fact, the better informed and prepared you are, the smoother the way forward will be. And you will find through our organisation all the help and advice to make that path easier with lots of smiles and laughter on the way!

We know, because as parents of cleft babies, who are now children or all grown up into amazing young adults we have been there, and come through the other side. You may be just starting out, but you’ll find there are many helping hands.

Talk to us….

  • 0800 4 CLEFT () for a chat and advice
  • If you have a facebook page, loginto facebook first and then click on the . If you are new to Facebook here and then follow the link.
  • Find out about “Support Parents” to walk alongside you
  • Meet with other families at your local Coffee Group
  • Contact your local Cleft Team of professionals

Find out more about….

Acceptance is very important to how we interact with our babies and continues to be an important part of growing healthy self esteem in our children. ‘Psychological’ factors describe the feelings you may have and how you deal with those and ‘social’ factors involve how relationships may be affected with family, friends and even strangers that you meet.  Learn more about psychosocial impacts and how you can make healthy choices for you and your baby.

Before Baby is Born
Being prepared and what to put in place. Read more.

After the Birth
Have a clear direction of what to do next. Read more.

Feeding and First Steps
Includes a checklist and early medical info you need to know. Read more.

Preparing for Surgery
Making it easier for you and your baby. Read more.

Moving On
Pre-school and Primary school, teasing, health & dental care. Read more.

Red Flag Alerts
What to look out for with Hearing and Speech development. Read more.

Building your Child’s Self-Esteem
How you can help; starting Secondary School; appearance & ongoing treatment options. Read more.