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Cleft New Zealand | Te Manatōpū Ngutu Riwha o Aotearoa

Looking for medical help? Call your cleft co-ordinator now:


Auckland Cleft Unit – Megan Sanders, Middlemore Hospital –

Waikato Cleft Unit – Lynne Walker, Waikato Hospital –

Wellington Cleft Unit – Susan Reay, Hutt Hospital –

Christchurch Cleft Unit – Harriette van der Zee, Christchurch Hospital –

Dunedin Cleft Unit – Helen Martin, Dunedin Hospital –

Healthline –

Not sure who your co-ordinator is? Call Cleft NZ on

Cleft New Zealand | Te Manatōpū Ngutu Riwha o Aotearoa

A community for all groups interested in the outcomes for people born with cleft.  We have the passion, information and contacts to offer you

  • Emotional support
  • Accurate, up-to-date information
  • Links to like minded people
  • Community opportunities to share experience
  • Access to the information and advice you require

If you are a young person born with cleft, an adult, a parent or family member or a professional working in the field – Cleft NZ is for you.

You’ll find all the practical information you need as new parents, children, teens, adults or professionals on this website, but most importantly you’ll feel that sense of belonging, of being part of a larger community who cares about you and your family.

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An Introduction to Cleft Lip and Palate, Possible Causes and Quality of Life


It Gets Better: Dealing with Bullying

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Face it – from those who know

Face it means something different to all of us.  Listen to young people born with cleft, adults, parents and professionals and their views.  We really bring the meaning of Face It to life.

Face it – in our own words

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