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Order your 2014/15 Entertainment Book through Cleft New Zealand!

This year, Cleft NZ is again an official vendor of the highly acclaimed Entertainment Book!

The Entertainment book can be found across Australia and New Zealand and contains hundreds of freebies, 2 for 1 and 50% off offers for many leading restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets, cinemas, theatres, attractions, hotels, retail outlets, holiday destinations and more around Australia and NZ!

On average, if you were even to use the entertainment book just twice in a year, then it will have already paid for itself, but of course, you can make the most of it by using it as many times as you like within the year, potentially saving yourself thousands of dollars!

In addition, for every book sold, Cleft NZ gets 20% of the money, so we all win. You win because you get awesome savings, we win because we are helped with our fundraising and then you win again because with more funding, we can do more for you – see how we all win?!

Cleft NZ has all New Zealand and Australian editions of the Entertainment Book now available for sale.

We think that”s pretty choice – get ordering here.

Oh and don”t forget to spread the word to all the friends and family – these books make a great gift idea too for that hard to buy for person!

If you have any problems ordering or have any further questions please contact:

Kenny Ardouin


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