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Back in the 1970’s and earlier, families were isolated and were in the hands of the medical professionals “who knew best”. However, some strong-minded families started questioning and finding their own solutions, such as importing their own specialised feeding bottles, and contacting other families. This resulted in the first committee meeting in 1979.

Not long after, the first BLUE BOOK was completed by Sharyn Nicholson and Sue Neal with the assistance of mothers at the time- a huge undertaking! Then in April 1983 an Incorporated Society was formed with an additional group of new parents and Naomi and David Lange at the helm.

It helped having a Prime Minister on board! Fundraising focused on getting the hospital facilities that families wanted, and in turn, families were able to become closely involved with the medical profession for the first time. Specialised equipment was installed in Middlemore and Hutt Hospitals, and ongoing programmes were implemented by the subsequent committees.