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Before Baby is Born

If you know you are having a cleft lip and/or palate baby before the birth, you have time to prepare yourself, your family and friends.

Make the most of this advantage and be up front and frank about what everyone can expect so your new baby gets the welcome and attention all new babies deserve. How do you tell family and friends about this? We have an editable word document which you can customise – Informing Family & Friends.

The more you know, as early as possible, the more you can take control for a positive and optimistic atmosphere both at the birth and in the days that follow. On a practical note, you can be prepared as new parents with feeding advice, care, and even medical follow-ups from day one.

We suggest you make contact with the Cleft Team of professionals you will be seeing once your baby arrives so the relationship is already established before that first appointment.

Before the birth we also suggest you reach out to a Support option that suits your needs, so you can get help if you need it. Talking through all your emotions, your anxieties and hopes for the future lightens the load – especially when the person ‘gets’ what you are talking about. And for all the medical facts on what is cleft, how does it happen, and what’s ahead -just click onto ‘Medical Facts’.

Look forward to the big day!