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Hi kids!

You now have your very own page on our new Face it website where you can read all about other kids, what they’ve been doing, and anything fun that’s coming up! We also have heaps of advice and hints on dealing with any sticky situations you might find yourself in- from teasing and bullying, to downright staring. But mostly it’s all about being yourself and all the great and inspiring stuff you get up to that all the other kids want to hear about.

Because let’s Face it – you’re a star!

A different start in life…

Sure you might have started out looking a bit different from other kids, but chances are you’re looking pretty much the same now. With all those senior medical people you’ll be seeing, it’s hard not to feel quite special. And you know your mum and dad certainly think you’re very special! They can answer any questions about what’s going on at school and how to face up to it- so just go talk to them.

Talk to your school friends…

You know they might just think it’s pretty amazing that you have been to hospital and had some serious surgery, and that you have a whole medical team of professionals that work just with you. Makes you a very important person.

If they are interested and ask you questions, go for it, tell them as simply as possible what happens and what is going to happen. We’ve got more hints on giving good answers …

Here’s what you can find on Kids Only

  • Kid’s Talk – have your say and read what other kids have to say
  • Kid’s Stuff –Teasing, bullying, making friends, changing schools
  • Medical Stuff – talking about operations and procedures
  • Fun Stuff – what’s happening on your holidays, special times, great friends & pets!

Star Awards!

If you have competed in any sports, music, or any other activities we know everyone would like to hear about it. Submit your story here: Remember to check with your parents first!

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Star Pics!

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We want you to send us any photos you think other kids would like to see, and don’t forget to write a short story on what the photo is about. Click here to submit your photos!