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Support Parents

This group is a very important and rewarding part of how our organisation works to help parents. If you would like someone to talk to who knows what you’re going through, we can arrange a ‘support parent’ to be there when you need them and to walk alongside you as you face the challenges and milestones.

Ring 0800 4 CLEFT and we will match you with a Support Parent.

Then, if you would like to give back by supporting other new families, we can give you the training , supervision and support to allow you to take on this role. This is a voluntary role, but one we consider a vital part of our organisation. There is nothing quite the same as talking to someone who shares a life experience.

Support Parent Training options

Offering quality emotional support is a skill. We want our Support Parents to feel confident in their role, so we offer all our volunteers training.  Our base Support Parent Training is delivered by Parent to Parent trainers. There are two options for completing base training

  1. Attend a Cleft New Zealand specific Support Parent Training course.  This course requires a minimum number to go ahead, and is offered in a limited number of areas. If you are interested in training with other parents of children born with a cleft, let us know. Cleft NZ Support Training Course
  2. Parent to parent run the same course for parents of children with a range of conditions. The same content is covered but you may be the only parent of a child born with cleft at the course.  After this course, you will need to be given information specific to cleft through Cleft New Zealand.   Parent to Parent Support Parent Training courses will show you the dates and locations of the next courses. If you choose to attend one of these courses, please let us know that you are a qualified Support Parent so you can receive the extra ‘cleft’ specific information you require.

Then you are ready to be matched to a family to offer them support.

It has been good for me to remember all those steps –dental visits, feeding, operations, etc- and to confidently say they will get through it with an amazing end result. Summing up for me, it’s about listening, empathising, chatting and managing some laughs as well.
Jennifer Martin, Support Parent

From the Supported Parent…

“Knowing that support and advice is just an email or phone call away gives that continual assurance that any worried and concerned parent craves to have at hand.”
Dawn & baby Adam