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Every donation to Cleft NZ makes an enormous difference. As a registered charity we depend on the generosity of our supporters to finance our work. You can donate online now with a credit card or debit card through PayPal. Please note, that we pay a small charge for each donation made through PayPal, so if you would prefer to make a donation through online banking or by cheque, please see below, call our support line on or free TXT ‘CLEFT DONATE’ and a message to 234 and we’ll be in touch real soon.

Click the button above to donate through Paypal. You can donate whatever amount you like. You do not have to have a PayPal account to make a payment. If you don’t have an account, once you’ve entered your donation amount, on the next screen simply click ‘Continue’ underneath where it says ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?’

Want to give a regular gift on a monthly or annual basis? Please check out regular giving.

With your help we continue to support families, children and adults to Face It with realistic information and positivity and with a real sense of hope for the future. Because we think the future looks great.

Face It means different things to different people depending on their individual experiences. It may be the challenge of facing an upcoming surgery; to facing the feelings and emotions which they may at times experience. Cleft NZ, with your help, will support individuals all the way.

As a registered charity any financial donation over $5.00 is tax deductable. If you require a receipt, please give a call, send us a text or email and we’ll arrange for a receipt to be sent to you.

There are other ways you can help us:

  • Join our Facebook Cause  It is a great way to promote Cleft NZ to your networks.  Remember, donations should be made directly to Cleft New Zealand.  Do not donate on Facebook as this is only for American Organisations.
  • Donate product
  • Volunteer your time and expertise
  • Help us spread the word & raise public awareness of cleft
  • Become a Support Parent or Buddy
  • One off gifts
  • Ongoing monthly contributions
  • Bequests

Please contact us if you can help or would like to find out more.

Cheques can be made out to Cleft New Zealand Incorporated or if you would prefer online banking, please contact us and we will give you our bank account details.

If you would like a receipt, please make sure we have a return e-mail or mailing address.

Thank you for your support!