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Thursday Night Sofa Seminars – April 2014

Many people comment that due to logistical reasons they are unable to make it to one of the seminars put on by Cleft New Zealand in any given year. Well, now the whole world can benefit from the comfort of your sofa, TV, iPad etc, as we present our Sofa Seminars over two consecutive Thursdays streaming live to the world via YouTube.

Here”s the details:

Rabbits, Forklifts and Geodes: An Introduction to Cleft Lip and Palate, possible causes and a look at the impact on Quality of Life with Kenny Ardouin. Thursday 03 April 2014 – 19:30-20:30 NZDT (GMT 13) |

It Gets Better: Dealing with Bullying with Kenny Ardouin. Thursday 10 April 2014 – 19:30-20:30 NZST (GMT 12)  |

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